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[sticky post] Okay this is my first entry!

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Hello, everybody~
This is my first post! I decided I should post sometimes instead of lurking communities and such 3543465476 (155)
However, the rest of my posts will be for friends only! (Except maybe fanfictions and some other things)
My name is Amber, but you can call me whatever you like!
I'm a 9th grade student.
I attend a high school in California.
Occasionally I write things here but I'm a lazy person sometimes so not often... 3543465476 (236)
I like KPOP a little bit better than JPOP as a whole.3543465476 (244)
Although that's true, my favorite groups at the moment are Dream5 and Sexy Zone.
As far as the other groups I like, there are,
Girls Day
Teen Top
Bangtan Boys
Crayon Pop
Etc etc etc...
I also like music from other countries but mostly Japan and Korea right now. 3543465476 (261)
I am outgoing once we begin to talk, please don't be shy to become my friend! I like to make new friends, and I like all sorts of people.
I have one main Tumblr.
My main one is: http://jiufen.tumblr.com/

I also RP on Tumblr haha it's good stuff

Here is a photo of me, for any curious~


Thank you for reading this, have a good rest of the day, your week, the year, and your entire life!
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FANFICTION - To love you in secret

holy heck what happened to the new entry layout what is everything I don't know how to do anything anymore, I'll just wing it

Title: To Love you in Secret (Because I couldn't think of a better name lol)
Fandom: JE; Sexy Zone
Pairing: MariSou
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my words, imagination, and poor writing skills
Author's Note: IT'S A VALENTINES PRESENT FOR MY DEAREST xxotakuchiceexx

 Sou had two best friends. One of which he has had an extreme crush on for the past two years and one of which is very aware of this long-lasting love. Shori noticed every little hint Sou accidentally gave off to Marius that was basically a sign with "I LOVE YOU MARIUS YO!!" written on it with large red lettering. However, Marius somehow missed it every time. Which was perfectly okay with Sou. Although he'd gone through the confession scenario a million times in his head already, he knew he was too afraid to actually confess. He decided, for now, that he was happy enough with taking every chance he got to touch Marius, whether it be playfully or affectionately, without raising suspicion in him.
      "No~ Stop, Sou~" Marius whined in a whisper voice that way he didn't catch the attention of the classmates in their science class as everyone watched a National Geographic film. Sou had his finger at Marius' waist, his most ticklish spot. Every time Sou poked  his side, Marius would double over and hit his forehead on his desk from reflex which made the students glare at them each time. Sou and Marius would then sit back and look around giving an innocent, I didn't do anything expression.
       "You give a new meaning to that face-palm, face-desk thing," Sou smirked.
      Marius rubbed the reddening area of his forehead, "I'll get you back one day, just you wait."
      "You're on," Sou silently mouth back.
      Both boys watched the educational video but neither really paid any attention. They were both anxious. Sou was anxiously plotting his next attack on Marius, while Marius was mentally preparing for it... but was still wondering if it would truly happen. After forever and a half, and after Marius forgot about expecting it, Sou's finger crept back to Marius' side.
      WHAM! Marius again smacked his forehead on the desk.
      "Shhh!" the other classmates shushed him.
      Sou put both of his hands on Marius' waist, tickling him as Marius wiggled in his seat like a worm, pleading for Sou to stop.
      This pattern continued for twenty-five minutes with the sounds of Marius giggling and Sou's "quiet down a bit" requests. Marius' tummy began to ache from laughing as hard as he did and rested his head on Sou's shoulder for a bit to catch his breath.
      This is okay too, Sou thought to himself.
      Behind them, they could hear two girls snickering and exchanging their own whispers of, "How sweet! They're too cute!"
      The bell rang and the class gathered up their things. Like usual, Marius and Sou were the last ones out because they always took their time that way they could continue talking till the very last second.
      "Okay, okay... I know you guys love my class but git outta here!" the science teacher joked. They finished packing their things and hugged each other goodbye before going their separate ways.
      Sou's next class was with Shori, in math class. They both sat in single, aging, wooden desks one behind the other under a large window. The window allowed in blinding morning sunlight that cast short but dark shadows of the students in their desks onto the floor. Shori and Sou had long finished their worksheet, and while the class was waiting for for two more students to finish, everyone was talking and laughing and messing around with one another. Shori was completely turned around in his seat, shading his eyes from the sunlight, to face Sou and listen to his excited rant about how cute Marius was.
    "...And he kept giggling and squeaking and making cute noises. Just being adorable, you know, normal Marius. And in the end, he ended up putting his head on my shoulder and..." Shori spaced out again.
    Okay, I've had about enough of this. I need to get these two together. What could I do though? Shori thought.
      "Why don't you just confess to Marius? I bet he likes you too. I'm almost sure of it, actually," Shori asked.
      "No. Absolutely no way. I could never confess. What if I did and he doesn't like me back? Then our friendship would change and he probably wouldn't let me touch him anymore. I don't want to risk our closeness," Sou explained.
      Shori nodded his head in understanding just as the bell rang for lunch and one student slammed his fist against the desk because he didn't finish the worksheet in time. Sou and Shori looked over at him and giggled at his slight misfortune.
      "Well, it is lunch now. I have something I need to do, you can sit alone with Marius without me today," Shori reported.
      At lunch, while Marius and Sou were being flirty with each other off in the corner, Shori was busily writing something on a piece of paper with a thoughtful expression.
* * * *
 "Hey, Mari," Shori took a seat next to Marius in their next class.
      "Hi!" Marius smiled at him.
      "There's something I need to give to you... but I wonder if I should wait to give it to you till after class?" Shori questioned himself.
      Marius pouted, "Well now you've said something, you have to give it to me here."
      "Yeah, that's true," Shori laughed. "Here."
      Shori handed the pink note to Marius, and Marius stared at the letter held shut by a single blue butterfly sticker. Marius looked at Shori, and back at the pink letter.
      "Don't open it now though, at least wait till after class to open it since this is our last class of the day."
      Marius beamed, "Sure! I love notes from friends. Especially you, Shori!"
      "Ah... it's not from me though."
      "What?" Marius blinked. "Then from who?"
      "You'll see, when you open it. I was just asked to give it to you."
      Marius anxiously anticipated the end of class to see what inside the cute letter. If it is not from Shori, then who?
      All he could think about all class was what could be written and from who. He jumped to all sorts of magical conclusions, from some handicapped investigator telling he had to prevent a murder... to a fortune-teller telling him his dangerous future. He also went over the more realistic possibilities like a teacher had printed out his missing assignments or his grades.
      It could be anything, right? Marius thought. I hope it's something good, at least...
      When the bell rang, signaling not only the end of class, but the end of the school day, Marius jumped up from his desk in a nervous excitement. Shori laughed at Marius' enthusiasm about opening the letter.
      "My mom mailed my phone and told me to pick up groceries. I won't be able to wait for you, sorry. You can just walk home with Sou today. Oh, and you can open the letter now," Shori said, with all his stuff already packed up.
      "Have fun with grocery shopping, and I know because I was getting it out now!" Marius stated as he pulled the letter out from his bag.
      "'Kay, bye!" Shori said as Marius watched him dash out of the classroom
      Sitting on his desk, Marius stared at the note in hands. His mind jumped to the same conclusions as before. He closed his eyes, held his breath, tore it open, and hoped he wasn't in trouble for something ridiculous he'd done two days prier. He unfolded the letter and he slowly opened one eye and then the other and his eyes widened in surprise as he began reading. He neatly folded the letter back into the envelope and quickly hurried out of the classroom to meet Sou by the front gate, where they usually meet to walk home together.
      "Hi Mari!" Sou beamed at Marius the moment he saw him. Marius grinned back and took his place at Sou's side. Sou reached out to embrace him, and Marius hesitated before he hugged him back. Marius blushed, looking at the ground when they separated. Sou raised an eyebrow at him.
      "No hello back? Are you okay, what's wrong?" Sou looked into Marius' eyes.
       Marius smiled, "I'm fine! Don't worry. Should we begin walking home now?"
      Sou momentarily dismissed Marius' odd behavior and agreed, "... sure."
      They walked in an awkward silence for ten minutes before Sou made a comment, "Are you sure you're okay? You usually have thousands of things to say." Marius didn't answer, nor even look up at Sou; he didn't acknowledge at all that Sou had even spoken.
      After a few more minutes of silence, Marius finally spoke up, "Well, I was thinking... and I've decided that I want to tell you that I like you back!"
      Sou stopped in his tracks, "W-What are you talking about?"
      "Um, you like me right? I'm saying I like you back!"
      When Sou just stared at him without saying anything, Marius' face formed a shocked expression that was full of regret.

A/N: I don't have the time right now to finish typing the rest of this but yup it's not like anyone will see it before I finish the rest anyway which means who cares~?


Title: Thunder (Thinking of titles for fanfictions is the hardest part wow)
Fandom: JE; Sexy Zone
Pairing: MariSou
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my words, imagination, and poor writing skills
Author's Note: I made this for Sourah. A COMBINATION BETWEEN THE TWO NAMES OF HERS. a.k.a. xxotakuchiceexx oh and I'm gonna copy Sourah with the uhh... adding a picture to the beginning because HEYWHYNOT

MariSou 41

    The first sound of thunder roared, shaking the ground under Sou's feet. Only a moment later he heard the phone from the pocket of his black jeans. It's Marius! Answer my phone-call, Sou~

    It was Marius' ringtone that made Sou smile to himself every time. Marius recorded his voice a few days back and secretly set the ringtone to his contact name while playing on Sou's new and fancy cell-phone.

    "Hello?" Sou answered the call.

    "Mattsu! The storm... I'm scared~ Please let me come to see you," he heard Marius whimper on the other end.

    Sou grinned, thinking about how cute his crush is. "Of course you can, come on!" Sou said just as he heard something slam on Marius' end of the call, "what was that, just now?"

    "I'm in the car and on my way over!" Marius replied, excitedly.

    "That was fast... but aren't you sleeping over like you always do?" Sou questioned, his smile turning into a frown at the thought that Mari may not be spending the night at his house for once.

    "No, I am!" Marius exclaimed.

    "How did you pack this fast?" Sou asked, feeling relieved.

    Marius giggled, "I began to pack as I was picking up my phone to call you!"

    "What if I told you that you couldn't come over? You would have gotten ready for nothing."

    "You wouldn't do that, would you? Even if I was scared?"

    Sou laughed, "I would never turn you down, Mari, especially if you were scared."

    "Yay! Okay, well I'm almost there. See you in a bit~"

    "See you," Sou told him back and hung up. It had thundered a few times throughout the call but both boys were too distracted in their own world with each other, via phone-call, to even notice.

    Sou quickly jumped up from his bed to prepare a little bit. He made his bed properly and rushed into the bathroom to brush his teeth, comb his hair, and spray a small amount of cologne on. Not enough to smell good necessarily, but enough not to smell bad. He didn't want Marius to notice that he got ready just for their sleepover. He quickly put lotion on his hands and rushed into the kitchen to inform his mother of Marius' soon arrival. She wasn't there. He looked around the kitchen, curiously, and noticed a small pink note taped to the microwave.

    The note read:

    Hello darling,
   Tonight I'm going out with some friends, I won't be home till late, or I might decide to stay with a friend overnight if I'm unable to drive. Your father is still on his business trip, therefore you'll be home alone tonight. But you're a big boy, I know you can handle it. You can have one friend over only! Don't make a mess. Call me if you need anything. You can order food.
                        xoxo, mom.

    Sou smirked. He was glad he didn't have to make dinner tonight, not only that but he gets a night completely to himself with Marius. Upon reading the note, he realized he probably would have called Marius for that one friend anyway. He glanced at the time on the microwave, 17:30, Mari will be getting sleepy soon, in about only three hours, he thought to himself.

    A boom of thunder, much louder than the many previous ones, made the cups and plates in the cabinets rattle. At that moment, Marius burst through the front door, letting himself in, and startling Sou.

    "Sou!" he cried, running into Sou's arms to hug him tightly. Sou noticed he was trembling. The front door was slammed shut by the rapid wind of the storm and Marius jumped.

    Squeezing Marius back, Sou whispered, "Shh, it's okay Mari. The storm in right above us now, and it can only get quieter from here." Marius nodded in agreement, his head buried in the slightly shorter boy's shoulder. A small smile formed on Marius' face, thinking of how his head used to not be able to comfortably reach Sou's shoulder in the past, but Sou had grown quite a bit in the past few months.

    Marius stood back, "What do you want to do now?"

    Sou stared absent-mindedly at the wall, thinking. He began to walk back to his room and Marius trailed behind like a puppy, wondering what Sou had decided.

    "Hmm..." Sou pulled a bin out from under his bed full of his game and movie collection. He took the lid off, "want to play a video-game?" 

    "No, thanks. I always lose," Marius pouted. "I'm no good at those games. Even when you try to let me win," Sou opened his mouth to protest but Marius laughed and kept speaking, "and don't even try to deny it, but even then... I make a mistake that makes me lose in the end anyway."

    Sou bit his lip, going through a list of other things to do in his head when he noticed Marius eyeing up the movie side of the bin. Sou didn't want to watch a movie this early, he thought movies are something to do towards the night for relaxing, but to be polite he asked anyway

    "Want to watch a movie?"

    Marius raised his eyebrow, "No, maybe later," he said because he knew Sou well enough to know he'd prefer to watch a movie later on.

    For a few moments, they sat on Sou's bed in silence. They were comfortable enough with each other to not have to feel the need to speak because there is no such thing as an "uncomfortable or awkward silence" between two people who may be in love, even if the younger one doesn't quite realize it yet.

    This silence caused an idea in young Marius' head, making his face light up, "Let's play the quiet game!"

    "Isn't that just a game invented by adults to get the children to stop talking?" Sou asked, but when Marius pouted and did his puppy-dog face, Sou gave in.

    "Okay! Starting... now~" Marius said excitement, smiling.

    The two boys sat on the bed facing each other in silence while Marius tried not to burst out laughing for maybe five seconds before Sou purposely ruined it.

    "I lose," he said with a straight face.

    "No fair.." Marius whined.

    "Totally fair!"

    "No way."

    "Yes way. Stop complaining, you won a game for once," Sou grinned.

    Marius gasped, "Was that your intention?"

    Sou crawled across the bed to the Marius and pounced on him. "Tickle fight!" he yelled. He started tickling Marius as he squirmed around under his touch.

    "No~" he cried. He wiggled out from under Sou and dashed out of the room. Sou laughed and ran after him. He found Marius in the living room, looking around and seeming lost. He's looking for somewhere to hide, Sou assumed. He tip-toed up behind Marius and wrapped his arms around him and began tickling him again. Marius screamed and instantly fell to his knees.

    "What was that?" Sou asked.

    "What was what?" Marius smiled up at Sou from the floor.

    "You just dropped to the - nevermind. Here," Sou held his hand out to help to help Marius up, Marius looked at Sou's hand for a moment before grinning and reaching out to take ahold of it. 

    Marius took his hand and pulled Sou down to the floor. Marius pinned Sou to the ground and started tickling him.

    "Ah! The tables have turned! How?" Sou said in between gasps of breath from laughing.

    "Payback, mein freund," Marius replied, sticking his tongue out at the boy he was sitting. This carried on for awhile, with Sou pinning Marius, Marius topping him once again, and Sou getting his position above Marius a second time.

    "Okay, okay! White flag! I give up, I've had too much!" Marius gasped for air. He had tears in his eyes from laughing as hard as he did. Sou rolled off Marius and onto the wood floor of the living room, laying beside him. They both laid on the floor watching the blades of the ceiling fan turn and turn.

    Sou let out a long sigh, "No more thunder, no more storm."

    Marius turned his head to face Sou. Marius smiled sweetly, "Yeah, you're right." Marius took Sou's hand and placed his fingers between Sou's. Sou blushed lightly, he's holding my hand! His heart began to beat slightly faster.

      "I'm afraid I have some bad news," Marius said, with a weak expression.

    "Eh?" was all Sou could manage to say back in fear of what the bad news may be. Did he find out I like him? Is he going to say he could never be able to like me back?

    "Well," Marius began, "I'm dying."


    "Just kidding, I just need serious surgery. Just kidding, I actually just need to spend a few nights in the hospital being treated. Just kidding, I only need to pay a visit to the doctor, it shouldn't take long. Just kidding, I just need to rest."

    Sou raised his eyebrow at Marius.

    "Just kidding, I'm perfectly fine," Marius laughed and squeezed Sou's hand. He moved his body against Sou and nuzzled his cheek. "Were you worried for a second?"

    "Uh, I was too confused to even begin to figure out if I was believing you or not," Sou breathed a sigh of relief. Sou then realized the position he was in with Marius, became flustered, and added, "d-do you want t-to watch a movie now?"

    "Yes!" Marius hopped up and while skipping into Sou's bedroom, he added, "I'm picking the movie though! I call it~"

    Sou picked himself up off the floor and stumbled into his room after Marius. He found him bouncing happily on the bed with a disk in his hands. 

    "What have you decided to watch, Mari?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Sou and Marius were curled up on the couch together in the living room under Mari's pink blanket that he called his "bear blankie" referring to the large, light blue bear design sewn into the middle. They were an hour into the movie, but neither of them had any idea what was going on because they were talking about nearly everything (except the movie) throughout the entire time. If you were to ask either boy what the movie was about, they wouldn't be able to tell you. Which wasn't anything particularly new because it happened every time they attempted to enjoy a movie together.

    Although they had many conversations about many different topics, Sou (mentally) wasn't entirely there. He thought long and hard about what he wanted to do next. He began to shake with nervousness.
    "Are you cold?" Marius looked at Sou with large, concerned, brown eyes.

    Sou put his arm around Marius' shoulder and pulled him closer. "A little bit," he lied. He wanted to come off confident, not nervous.

    He kissed Marius on the cheek, "I like you. A lot. I'd like to date you if that's okay. Will you go out with me?"

    Marius blushed but tried to cover up his pink cheeks with his hands, "Y-yes..." and blinked, "Yes. I really want to do that."

    "Okay, truth is I don't think I just like you. I think I'm in love with you, but didn't want to say that in fear of freaking you out and rejecting me," Sou laughed. Marius grinned bigger than he thought possible at the words Sou had just said.

    "And..." Sou continued, "I've been wanting to do this for a year." Sou leaned in and kissed Marius. On the lips, this time. When he leaned back, Marius' entire face this time was red.

    "Now I finally can, and there's definitely more to come," Sou said, grinning ear-to-ear. 
    Is today the best day of my life? Yes, most definitely, he thought to himself.

Dream5 video review

I'm posting this publicly because I'd like for more people to know about this wonderful group if possible!
I just watched their video on Dailymotion called  
Dance Cover - Girl's Generation Gee - Ustream... by Kirakira1610 
Anyway, I love Girls' Generation and Dream5 and wow yay let's mix it right?
(Oh and the video may not show up, a really big blank space may and oops I'm not good at this yet sorry)

This video is just great, I must say. Dream5 dancing to Gee? Yes! Too bad they don't sing along and too bad it's not the full song but I'm pretty much happy with what I got.
Okay, WEELLLL (omg I'm very unprofessional at this sorry) let's have this great video starting out with a random STRIKE A POSE and Akira messing up. Oh Akira, I love you. The femininity you show in this one video just makes me love you dearly.
WITH AKIRA MESSING UP JUST A BIT and it is darn adorable, everyone gets into their places and the music starts yay~
Akira comes up between Yuuno and Kotori and does a girly pose again, and then Yuuno and Kotori start "fighting." They playfully push each other (aww)
You can see Monoma in the back with her little two tails waving around and Akira shaking his booty like a female and Mikoto up front with her great fluffy skirt which I would love to wear if I dressed in such a way but I don't dress all ~exotic~ like she does for their recent and AMAZING PV Shekimeki. Yuuno has the spotlight! *cheers* But not for long until Akira takes over being as feminine as ever. I must say, that little foot shuffle (whatever it's even called) to get sideways looked really cool when they all did it, and Akira just scooted on by. And at this point in the video, I can't keep my eyes off Akira because who doesn't love a boy dancing super girly?
But I catch myself and try to pay equal amounts of attention to the other lovely four members 3543465476 (239)  But I love when Akira was up front, we have what sounds like a grown man cheering for him when he did a sexy dance move! That's okay too! He's just enjoying himself. If I were a grown man, I would do the same thing. Maybe. 
Kotori really looks good doing this dance! I can tell she practiced a lot. I am sure they all did. And any time Yuuno has the front/middle, she just makes it incredibly cute because... well... she's Yuuno and she makes everything that way! The video ends soon enough unfortunately but I am grateful for someone to have uploaded anything at all!  
Title: Untitled (at the moment) Chapter 2 (and I may not actually give up... I just do momentarily)
Fandom: JE;  Sexy Zone
Pairing: FumaKen with very minor MariSou, in the beginning at least (altough I am a Shorius shipper)
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, jealousy, secrets
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my words.
Author's Note: Fuma and Kento were in a secret relationship although everyone suspected it anyway... until Marius caught them. This is a FumaKen fanfic through the eyes of a somewhat jealous Marius. A lot of what I wrote was written very late into the night, resulting in it being unrealistic, silly, dumb, and slow at times. And to be honest, it was going to be a Shorius fanfiction at first, half FumaKen. I tried my best to capture their personalities realistically but didn't do very well because my imagine got the best of me. There are hints of MariSou, maybe a relationship will develop some time between them too?

 The others fell asleep next to me in the same way and we awoke to Kento shyly peeking into our bedroom to tell us to pack up whatever we got out because we were going to hit the road again. All three of us got changed into a different outfit of daytime clothing (we never did change into our pyjamas) and put our PJs and clothes from the day before into our suitcases in silence. Each Sexy Zone member rolled their own suitcase out to the minivan and Shori awkwardly helped Fuma throw them all into the back of the van while Kento started it up.

    It was early in the morning and rather cold. Birds were chirping sweetly, and the sky was grey while light fog rolled over the mountains in the background. Sou and I cuddled under one lavender, fluffy, thick blanket in the back and we closed our eyes, still exhausted. I heard Shori crawl into the middle seats between the back seats and the front seats, lay his bag into the empty seat next to him, and also heard Fuma get into the passenger seat. I fell asleep again, with my head on Sou's shoulder, to the sound of Sou's sleepy breathing and a soft song playing quietly on the radio. 

    Shori woke us by shaking us saying, "Come on sleepy heads, we stopped to get breakfast!" too joyfully for how Sou and I felt at the moment. I yawned and stretched my arms, and Sou rubbed his eyes lazily.

    "We'll meet you in the diner, okay? We will get a table," Kento said and walked away with Fuma, hand in hand with their fingers intertwined.

    "What happened..." I asked sleepily, also rubbing my eyes now.

    "You guys slept for an hour and our hunger began to get unbearable," Shori laughed, "I talked with them a bit. Yeah, they are in a relationship. They apologised for the secrecy. They promised not to hide anything from us anymore, but we have to stay the only ones knowing about this. No words to the outside. They said they would be more comfortable with being a couple around us, and I told them we were supportive of them."

    The information was too much to take in at the moment after just waking up. Sou and I slowly nodded while we waited for it to sink in before Sou spoke up, "I see... That's good then. I hope they can be more comfortable around us in the future then."

    "Well come on you two, get it moving. They're waiting for us," and with that, Shori began to walk away too. Sou and I slipped our sneakers on our feet without bothering to tie the laces and hopped out of the van. We saw Shori ahead of us lift his hand above his head, with a small object in his hand pointed back towards us, and the van locked with a click. We ran ahead and caught up with Shori. 

    We sat down in the booth that Kento and Fuma were already seated in. 

    We all ordered a water, and just a bit of food. I didn't eat the pancakes I asked for that much, I just played around with my food, stabbing it with my fork. I rested my head in my hand, elbow on the table, falling asleep amongst the members' silence.

    Shori nudged me in the side as I began to drift off, "Eat a bit or you'll be hungry in a few hours."

    "Yes, and if you complain about being hungry after not eating, I will launch myself across the van and eat you!" Fuma threatened, joking, and growling playfully at me. I smiled and cut off a piece of the pancake and stuck in it my mouth. Everyone was almost done except Sou who was falling asleep too, and of course I also wasn't almost done.

    "We're really sorry, guys," Kento said, looking down at his lap as he fidgeted with the bottom of his shirt.

    "It's fine, just be more open with us next time," Sou answered and he put his hand on Kento's shoulder, shaking him lightly to reassure him that they were forgiven. "You know we're like family. Well... maybe not you and Fuma in that way anymore, but you understand."

    "Mhmm, it's fine. I am happy for you two," I smiled.

    "While you two were getting a table, I briefly explained to them our car talk," Shori said, talking to the couple.

    Fuma nodded thoughtfully, "How did it go like?"

    "He just told us that it was true that you two were in a relationship like we suspected, and it is a secret not to leave the five of us and that you promised to be more truthful within our group," Sou answered for Shori.

    Fuma simply said, "Alright." 

    I began to pick at my food again as I watched Fuma. I watched the way he would smile at Kento, and the way Kento would smile back. I watched the look in Fuma's eyes as he listened to Kento's voice when he spoke.

    It's not fair, I thought to myself, I have always thought Kento was mine. Maybe I could never date him, like Fuma, because he means too much to me in different ways like a family member or best friend and it would be bizarre... but when Kento and I are alone, he often tells me that I'm his favourite and he thinks I'm the best, and the cutest. He even tells me these things when we are not alone! Obviously that can't be true anymore. He clearly thinks his boyfriend is the best, it's only natural. Fuma stole Kento from me, and it is an awful feeling to know that, and to know that things within Sexy Zone may never be the same for anyone. I am pretty sure Sou had the same connection with Fuma as I had with Kento...

    Before I got the chance to glance at Sou, Fuma pulled me out of my thoughts, "Mari," he laughed nervously, "Why are you glaring at me in that way? I feel as though you want to rip my head off. Are you okay?"

    "Huh? Oh... yes. I'm okay. A scenario just played out in my head that I didn't like. If it turned out once we reached California, it was true that we had to be in Florida... I didn't like that thought, that was the scenario. I didn't mean to stare at you, I was just daydreaming..." I said, biting my lip. Oops, I got caught.

    "If anything else is wrong besides that, you can always come to me. You know that," Kento told me, looking hopeful.

    "Or me. We are best friends, after all, and there are some things you just can't tell Kento... such as the thoughts on your mind that I know are going through your head right now," Sou whispered in my ear when the others went back to eating. I smiled at Sou to let him know I acknowledged what he told me.

    I sat there for only a second or two more, lost in my thoughts, before Sou leaned into my ear once again and whispered, "Would you like to talk about it later?" and grinned at me. Could he be having his own thoughts about this, similar to mine?

    I mouthed the words, "Yes, please," back to him. I returned the grin.

    He whispered to me again, "Just hang in there until then."

    To my surprise, I felt him reach under the table and grab my hand. The warmth of holding his hand made me feel comforted, and more relaxed.

    "Marius, you're blushing a bit. What are you thinking about?" Kento pointed out, catching me off-guard and leaving me at loss for words.

    "Dirty things?" Shori questioned, giggling.

    "Of course not! Never! What are you saying?" I raised my voice, suddenly feeling frustrated. Was I blushing because Sou is holding my hand?

    "Oh look! He's blushing much more now!" Fuma exclaimed, clapping his hands as he laughed and then standing up to lean across the table to ruffle my hair.

    Sou came to my defense, "Stop guys. Do you really think Mari is the type to be thinking of those things? This isn't the right time to be messing with him, he has a lot on his mind. Also because we're in a diner and shouldn't be disruptive." I think I must have blushed a bit more at the fact he defended me that way. What is going on with me right now?

    "I think you may actually be right, Sou. Right now is a bit of a bad time..." Shori looked down shamefully.

    "No, he doesn't seem like the type. Yet. Maybe when he is mine and Kento's age, he could get into that stuff quite a bit," Fuma said, shooting a sideways glance and smirk towards Kento to which you could see he blatantly avoided.

    "Sorry, Marius," Shori said in a hushed voice, still looking shameful.

    "It doesn't mean I won't tease you another time about this but yeah, I'm sorry too," Fuma apologised.

Title: Untitled (at the moment) Chapter 1 
Fandom: JE;  Sexy Zone
Pairing: FumaKen with very minor MariSou, in the beginning at least (altough I am a Shorius shipper)
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, jealousy, secrets
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but my words.
Author's Note: Fuma and Kento were in a secret relationship although everyone suspected it anyway... until Marius caught them. This is a FumaKen fanfic through the eyes of a somewhat jealous Marius. A lot of what I wrote was written very late into the night, resulting in it being unrealistic, silly, dumb, and slow at times. And to be honest, it was going to be a Shorius fanfiction at first, half FumaKen. I tried my best to capture their personalities realistically but didn't do very well because my imagination got the best of me. There are hints of MariSou, maybe a relationship will develop some time between them too?

    It was Sou, Shori, and me, Marius, sharing a hotel room somewhere in Texas. We had checked out adjoining hotel rooms, Fuma and Kento shared next door. We used a single suitcase to hold open the heavy, steel door between us. There was only one huge bed per room, leaving Shori, Sou, and me in one bed but I figured Sou was going to fall asleep on the couch again watching television like he does most of the time leaving just Shori and myself. Kento and Fuma were sharing the other room.

    Kento was driving a navy-blue, rented minivan across the States. Our manager bought us plane tickets to visit Florida, by mistake, when we had to meet our camera crew in California to speak to a group of Americans about advancing our music into America by releasing some English songs.

    We just got done setting up in the hotel room and Sou removed the suitcase between our rooms, resulting in slamming the middle door shut, to rummage through it to find a jacket because the hotel room was chilly. Shori and I were sitting side-by-side on the edge of the bed folding our silk pyjamas for that night neatly on our laps.

    "Something funny is going on between Fuma and Kento, don't you think?" Shori broke the silence.

    "What do you mean?" I looked at him curiously, already thinking I knew where he was going with it.

    "Well... I mean they've always been close, they've been best friends for years. However... Do you know that look that a couple deep in love give each other, Mari?"

    "I think... I might. Why?" I asked. I had never seen that look before. Except maybe in movies, in romance movies my mother had made me watch with her.

    "Well, they've been giving each other that look lately. Have you not noticed?" he asked me, biting the inside of his mouth as if to keep himself from saying "If you say no, I am going to be upset with you because it's obvious!" I nodded my head in agreement.

    "Sou, come here for a moment please!" Shori yelled into the living room where Sou was hunting the deep depths of his black, over-packed suitcase.

    He ran into the room and asked, "Yeah? What's up?"

    "What are your thoughts on the Fuma, Kento thing?" Shori asked him.

    "Ah, that!" he laughed, "Yeah, they have been acting a little bit too close to be just friends, don't you agree?"

    "I agree, totally. From the looks they exchange, to how close they sit next to each other, to the fact Kento didn't want to buy a two-bedroom hotel room but instead two separate one-bedroom hotels rooms," he crossed his arms over his chest. I just sat there looking at the two of them as they spoke.

    "Maybe..." I struggled to find the words to explain what I wanted to say next.

    "Maybe what?" Sou asked, giving me a reassuring smile.

    I gave up on what I wanted to say and instead said, "Could we be misunderstanding? Do you guys think they are in a relationship? They would tell us."

    "Maybe it's a secret. Well, if it's true that they like each other in that way then it is obviously a secret at the moment because we haven't been told anything yet," Shori shrugged.

    "Can I ask?" I questioned excitedly. Sou and Shori looked at each other and Shori let out a "hmm..."

    Sou sat on the edge of the bed next to me and put his arm around my shoulder, looked at me for a moment and opened his mouth as if he was going to say something but paused and then shut it, and stared at the wall thoughtfully. We sat in silence. Sou removed his arm from my shoulder and laid back and put his hands behind his head to act as a pillow.

    "I want to spy on them," Sou claimed, smiling at the thought.

    Shori laughed, "Yeah, how?"

    "We can... buy a video recorder!" I responded.

    Shori grinned at me, "No, we can't Mari. Where can we get that when we are in the middle of nowhere in a hotel in Texas?"

    I blushed, feeling silly for such an idea. Shori pat my head and added, "It was a good idea though! Let's keep our eyes open for something like that, okay?"

    I nodded and Sou said, "Let's look for one of those fake pies with the camera in it and just put a random spy pie in their bedroom!"

    I laughed and an image of them staring at the fake pie, confused, appeared in my mind. I imagined Fuma bringing the pie over to our room and knocking on it's plastic to make us laugh and then pretending to eat it with an invisible fork.

    Shori's face lit up, "Hey, Marius! Why don't you quietly open the door and try to listen in on their conversation?" 

    I stood up and put my hand to my forehead, saluting. "Got it, captain!" and I skipped off into the other room. I got on my knees in front of the adjoining hotel room door and slowly turned the metal knob and cracked the door open wide enough that I could hear, but not wide enough that they would notice it was open if they were in the kitchen/living room area and glanced at the door.

    I silently sat there with my ear up to the small opening, straining my ears to listen to whatever I could. I heard muffled talking at first but it stopped only after a moment. I opened the door wider, peered inside, and discovered that they were in their bedroom with the door closed. I gently shut the door and walked back to Shori and Sou still waiting in the bedroom. I informed them of what had happened and what observations I made.

    "Walk in and put your ear up to their bedroom door, or suddenly walk into their room without knocking," Shori suggested.

    "Investigator Mari on the job, huh? It is sort of similar to the drama, Kodomo Keisatsu, you just finished up!" Sou laughed.

    "Yes!" I replied excitedly, "Did you guys ever watch that?"

    "Yes," they told me in unison. 

    "You did a really good," Shori added, and Sou included "Of course we watch watch that! We are your number one fans!"

    "Aw, danke! I am both of your number one fan as well!" I said, pleased.

    "Thank you, Mari. You should go check them out now, and remember to tell us all the details when you come back. From facial expressions to tones in voice," Shori requested of me.

    I ran off again, opened the door secretively, closed it the same way, and tiptoed over to their bedroom door. I put my ear close to it, afraid to touch it and make a noise, but heard not a peep from inside. I gently gripped the knob, paused a moment, and flung the door open.

    The site I saw was this: Kento and Fuma sitting next to each other on the bed, their lips pressed together - eyes closed - with Fuma having his fingers underneath Kento's chin to lift it slightly.

    My eyes widened and I gasped. They pulled away and looked at me in horror.

    "Uh, M-Mari... W-We were practicing s-something," Kento stuttered. I was too shocked to answer.

    "The manager told us to practice fanservice now that we are older," Fuma said with a pokerface. 

    "Fanservice? Kissing like that... Isn't kissing a bit much? It's going a little far," I said, dumbfounded.

    Kento was blushing as much as I think his face could possibly manage, while Fuma looked as innocent as a young child who was smiling convincingly that they did not eat the cookies while they had cookie crumbs on their face. They couldn't think of an answer to what I had said.

    "Okay... Sorry for intruding then," I apologised and ran out of their room. As I was closing the door behind me, I heard Fuma saying, "Great, now he is going to tell the others."

    I stood in the living room for a little bit, feeling minimally guilty to pass it on to Shori and Sou. However, it was the task I was assigned and I had to complete it like a proper investigator would. I slowly stepped into our bedroom and they looked at me expectantly.

    "You look as white as a ghost..." Sou informed me, with concern in his voice. I then spit out all the information I had witnessed. They sat there throughout it all with their mouths agape, jaws on the floor.

    "I knew it!" Shori stood up and stomped his foot, but not in an upset way. He suddenly looked very proud of himself, "I was right!"

    Sou cheered sarcastically at him, "Woohoo~"

    I put my hand up to my chest, it was going 100 miles per hour. "I guess it wasn't a misunderstanding after all." I threw myself onto the bed into the gap between Shori and Sou that I had made when I left it.

    "You seem disappointed," Shori looked at me curiously.

    "No, just surprised at the minute," I answered and closed my eyes only for a moment, and ended up falling asleep.